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  About The Cellars  

Our "Cellars Selection" Wines

Our "Cellars Selection" wines contain the following ingredient:
• Fermented grape juice. That’s it.

They don't contain:
• Pesticides, fungicides, insecticides
• Industrial yeasts (which give artificial aromas and flavors)
• Industrial bacteria or industrial enzymes
• Colorants/additives (like Mega Purple, Tartrazine,Velcorin/dimethyl dicarbonate)
• Preservatives, thickeners, stabilizers or flavor enhancers
• Added acids, added sugar, added fruit juice, added water
• Wood chips, artificial tannins or other “tea bag” treatments

They have not been subjected to:
• Reverse osmosis
• Spinning cones to remove some alcohol
• Micro-oxygenation
• Cryro-extraction

Think of wine as food. Which would you rather consume?

Canned Cheese OR Fine Cheese

When you're shopping at The Cellars, look for "Cellars Selection" wines and drink to good health!

The Cellars is all about value...for every taste at every price. Good taste does cost less at The Cellars. Here’s the bottom line; we want every customer to feel confident that no matter what product they select from our racks, they are getting the best possible representation of that style of beverage for the price. Whether it’s a great Cabernet, a small batch bourbon or a hard to find ale, we take pride in everything we offer. And to be blunt, there are certain products that will never make it onto The Cellars shelves, like some national brands that may have marketing muscle but don’t deliver in the glass. We buy what’s great so you can too.

While we pay attention to the wine and beverage critics of the world, it is not the definitive answer to choosing our offerings. Anyone can use that formula for their selection (and most retailers do). We take the critics opinion into account but frankly, many of the critics never get to some of the smaller, less obvious choices. We do and that’s a big difference.

The Cellars Wines & Spirits buys in huge volume, so you get the best prices on the “popular” as well as the hard to find wines & spirits from around the world. Sure, we put on the miles to discover diamonds in the rough but we also have built alliances with suppliers world wide. Also, The Cellars buying staff works to “Direct Import” products that otherwise may never have made it to the USA due to local demand in their own countries.

So, how come no one else does it like The Cellars? Our staff. They get to know you and your tastes so they can make solid recommendations that fit your taste preferences and your budget. Combined with the innovative approach to buying, our staff knows every bottle of wine, spirits and beer in stock for a reason - it provides a pleasurable experience at the best possible price. Let our staff know your likes and dislikes and we’ll guide you in making a great selection plus if you’re interested, help you expand your palate to enjoy new and wonderful discoveries.

Being Selective  

Getting the “popular” and “cult” wines is easy when you enjoy a leadership reputation with wineries, distributors and consumers. The Cellars Wines & Spirits gets these limited wines but to be a true leader we also focus on the esoteric wines that we believe provide the best quality to price ratio. These are wines that will be the future “must have” wines and we find them in every price range!

Our goal is to have the very best wine from every region, style and price. It may sound easy, but it takes a strong commitment from a very dedicated staff to stay ahead of all the other wine geeks out there.

The Cellars approaches the world of spirits and beer the same way. While “Vintages” for the most part do not apply, there are always new products being introduced. Some are outstanding and others are gimmicks. We taste and make sure every product we stock provides good taste for less.

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